That weird barking a dog does when it doesn't quite let a full bark go, but makes a kind of woof. Sounds like they are saying "Ooft".
Postman: *delivers letters*
Dog: Ooft!
Owner: Shut up.
by F, MRA October 31, 2007
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An edgier way of saying Oof. Originated as a result of mispronouncing the word 'Oof'.
Me: Why are you crying bro?
Friend: My wife, Karen, took the kids.
Me: Oof't
by nuclearDreams July 29, 2019
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The emotion experienced on falling asleep, when you are very tired but knowing that you don't have to rise early the next morning; a combination of relaxation, joy, and dizziness.
"Ahhh...I am feeling ooft, now...". The sentence is rarely finished, as ooft commonly ends in sleep.
by Tjjl January 15, 2011
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