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The emotion experienced on falling asleep, when you are very tired but knowing that you don't have to rise early the next morning; a combination of relaxation, joy, and dizziness.
"Ahhh...I am feeling ooft, now...". The sentence is rarely finished, as ooft commonly ends in sleep.
by Tjjl January 16, 2011
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From the same phrase family as 'i have', 'i would', 'i'd tap' etc.
Used when somebody is particularly impressed by something, most frequently a person. Literally means 'I have', but said in a German accent to give it that extra 'ooft!'.
"Did you see that cumslut last night? I had her a few days ago... she walked past and i was all like 'Ooft, I haff!'"

Boy sees profile picture of hxc emo hawt grrll, and comments: NO JK JK JK LOLOLOL, I HEART UR FXCKING MAKE UP OMG I LOVE UR HAIR. OOFT, I HAFF!
by ghalighalinomnom April 26, 2009
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An exclamation used when you witness something significant
Ooft! That car was going fast!
Ooft! That must have hurt!
by Matt47768 August 19, 2021
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