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oneirogenic: Any substance that causes a lucid dream, vivid dream in noticeable color and resonance, used for the sole purpose of "finding ones self" albeit a vison quest, a soul journey or to understand the meaning of dreams with the help of said substance that can enhance the recall, and vividness of ones dreams. oneiro meaning dreams and -genic suffix meaning producing from or generating.
Comparison: Hallucinogenic meaning any substance causing hallucinations and oneirogenic meaning causing dreams.

Valerian root and Calea are considered oneirogenic
by Bradleyhottie August 28, 2006
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oneirogenic adj (from Greek oneiros, "dream" + genic; cf. photogenic, telegenic) Ð having a propensity to appear in somebody's dreams.

Some people are photogenic while others are oneirogenic. These characteristics rarely coincide. A person who is plain and unnoticeable in real life may haunt our dreams and imagination.

Have you noticed that cats are more oneirogenic than dogs?

To surprise your friends at a party, ask them: "Do you find me "oneirogenic"? If the answer is "yesΓ“, ask them to recall your adventures in their dreams.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
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