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1. The perfect way to cheat someone out of a hard fought game of scrabble, by going over the top and using all of one's pieces to cover the entire board just because hewas "abstract" with a word too when he was really stuck and needed some help (I mean really, just when life needs to cut you a break it goes and kicks you back down into the mud and then proceeds to poke you in the eye and hurl matriarchal abuse in your general direction).

2. A nonsense word/phrase (eg. "Rama-lama-ding-dong", or "Give peace a chance")
3. See "cheating"
H: Hey, I'm going to cheat. How about "onefutecarpetin", that's an unrealistic word and it's worth about 140 points!
M: No! Cheating is wrong!
H: {evil laugh} I'm going to do it anyway, because I hate society and fair-play {repeats evil laugh}. Death to The West!
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