a 1-2 from one man to another..aka a one-pass..not as advanced as the straight cut done by the bazic boyz but still good in tha hood
person 1:yo..show me a one-pass
continue: Where'd it go?
jits master: its already in your net 10 minutes go
person 1: yo that's baooshit!! hhaha
by Jitz June 3, 2004
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The temporary nut pass is a pass that lets someone nut one time but it can only be given out by the government or the president of a country you are in
''Man i cant do NNN its too hard'.'
''Dont worry ask the president for a one time nut pass.''
by krissacred November 2, 2022
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You can ask anyone for nudes and they can't say no
November 10 - Hey Jenny send a nude ...
Okay Jim I have to bc it is November 10th
National 10th November One free Nude pass
by Nonutfuckshit November 9, 2019
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