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(n) a specific type of one hit wonder in which the artist's one and only hit defies all logic and reason
"The Heights" is one of the best examples of a one hit blunder: they are a fake band that performed the bland, generic theme to their low-rated TV show that was cancelled after less than half a season. Despite all this, "How Do You Talk To An Angel" actually spent TWO weeks at #1 in 1992. Wouldn't people have at least tuned in to the show to hear that fantastic theme?!
by BeardedFatass January 07, 2004
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When an artist is recognized for only one song, and that song failed in the sense that it's only enjoyed ironically or as a torture device
Rick Astley, Smash Mouth, and Darude could each be considered a one-hit blunder
by FresnoNightcrawler June 25, 2019
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