A doctor that not only treats cancer, but is always on call.
Jim: What are you studying again?
Kyle: Oncology. I told you.
Jim: Whoa! You know an Oncologist never gets to relax, always being on call.
Kyle: You're an idiot.
by Trova January 13, 2015
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A lawyer, typically a bankruptcy lawyer or creditor rights lawyer or commerical type lawyer, well versed in the laws on debtor creditor- rights or the IRS collection matters, or shareholder dispute matters and who knows how to save people and businesses from financial fiasco's, after the fact. Typically viewed by his clients as a savior and by others, typcially creditors, as snakes who use their knowledge of the law to help one person screw another out of money or some other entitlement.
He employed a financial oncologist to remove those creditor claims for 30 cents on the dollar. The creditor was un happy but had no recourse at the time to otherwise accepting the offer or getting stiffed completely.
by pennlawyer December 30, 2011
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