Phrase describing:

1. anyone who has let a person into their life, heart, etc. who has royally fucked their shit up _ and now has a cold,bitter,playa heart for any new relationship

2. to be emotionally-raped so badly that the free world must pay for the afflicted persons pain; all new prospects will undoubtedly suffer.

3. When you can't forgive or trust anyone (even the smallest injustice)

4. To shut out anyone you might actually have a shot with due to past hurts and/or past mistakes

5. Being alone for the rest of your life

M: -That guy over there has something special going on
E: -Dont go there. He's once bitten forever shy
M: -Damn...that's such a shame, he looks like a real keeper
E: -Dont hold your breath my friend
by casualobserver December 1, 2013
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