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a person who is constantly a douche bag (see douche bag) they are often ego sexual (in love with themselves) and never act disciplined or proper at ant time including but not limited to birthday parties, weddings, funerals, formal dances, the eventual zombie apocalypse, and a natural disaster.

They often have many friends who are douche bags but can not live up to the persons omnidouche status.

An omnidouche is noticeably different from a regular douche bag only during said events where they still try to act cool and stupid even though it is not the time.

Omnidouche comes from the words
<omni - infinitely> and <douche - female genitals>
example 1
guy:That guy Luca went to his wedding in jeans and a pink polo. he's such an omnidouche

example 2
omnidouche:Hey guys guess what I just had sex with that girl once and I'm not going to marry her even though she's pregnant. Who wants an unprotected all night orgy?
by The Hypnotoad March 18, 2009
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The Omnidouche, the new product from Omnipod. It is both a diabetes manager, and a vag cleanser. Nick Jonas once used one, to manage his diabetes AND cleanse his vag, but has since moved to Bayer following his sex change
"In todays health workshop we will focus on the proper care and use of an omnidouche"
by nickadopolis October 05, 2008
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