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Extreme pwnage, pwnage that was not seen coming, pwnage that will leave the pwnee wondering "WTF JUST HAPPENED!?" in which you will respond. "Pwnage"

Guild Aurellio: Did you just two-shot that rogue!?
Guild Siel: Yah my pyroblast and fireblast both crit!
Guild Aurellio: Poor guy never stood a chance.
Guild Derrex: Ding! 30!
Guild Caitis: SHUT UP!
by Jose Cruz February 08, 2007
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A severe case of wtfpwnage, usually either making you emit verbal utterance in suprise or finding yourself wtfpwned in a repeated fashion. If you do find yourself repetedly omgwtfpwned you simply loose at life.

I should also be noted that all types of pwnage are effectively a sliding scaled based solely on the one-up-manship of adding ever more abbreviations in front, no doubt at the time of publishing there will be a new term such as omgwtficantbelieveitsnotbutterpwnage .... damn.
Little Timmy was blissfully unaware of the omgwtfpwnage that awaited him when he got home from school as his parents had discovered the comatose hooker in his closet earlier that day.
by el3nch November 01, 2006
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