The mother. A person's mother. The elder wise woman of the family. The Grand mother would be "grand old Earth" for instance.
In the 5% Nation of Islam, the family is identified with the planets of the universe. The Man is the Sun. The child is the Star. The wife or woman is the Earth (Her mind is the MOON). So a person's wife would be his Earth and his mother would be his "old Earth".
"My OLD EARTH is going to watch our seeds when we go our business trip".
by ron spade September 24, 2003
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My Old Earth was trippin cause I left home to persue my rap career now she suing for 15 mil cause she aint get her cut.
by DJ Slake September 24, 2003
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What earth will be a trillion years from now.
Right now, Earth is relatively new. In a trillion years, it'll be OLD!
by Kenthar September 25, 2003
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Old earth creationism is a branch of creationism that holds to much of the secular dates assigned to the earth. Many hold to the day age idea that the creation days (Hebrew yom) could be eons or so of time. They reject macroevolution, particularly darwinian, and state that all creatures, including tiktallik, were either created by God or microevolved .
He adheres to old earth creationism.
by happyatcommonsense January 25, 2015
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