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An infamous rapper in the online community known for his gangsta raps from a white suburban point of view. First starting on CS with his ice cream beat slaying all the people that dared challenge him in a battle him and the oj clan rarely talk and now he seems to rap for the likes of TWU.

Also The coolest mother fucker any nerd can meet

Very well known for his overuse of the word TYCO and sayin his own name
OJ- CHigglet Feat Ojay
New Ojay- Ojay
When Joel Criez- Ojay
Still Cruising Remix-Eazy-e Feat Ojay
Not how we Duu-Ojay
by The Big MD July 28, 2006
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When performing sexual acts the man sticks his penis in the womens or mans ear( whatever the fuck you are into) and jizzes.
Man 1: How was sex last night?
Man 2: She wouldn't shut the fuck up so i gave her some fresh squeezed O. Jay!!
by Jesuso Christo March 31, 2009
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