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A phrase used to irritate the fuck out of people. Derived from peoples responses to exciting stories. Meaning "wow thats so cool", "no way!"or "awesome" in the most sarcastic manner you can think of.

Only say "ohnot" after someone says a statement.
Make sure no expression is on your face.
And use any tone that fits (question,sarcasm,exciting,ect) sarcasm works the best.
Use it every possible time for the maximum effect.
Teacher: Okay class for this next assignment you'll need your calculator.
Student: ohnot
Teacher:Excuse me? What did you say?
Student: You fucking heard me!
Teacher: You just got detention after school.
Teacher: If you don't stop saying that I'm going to call your parents.
Student: ohnot
Teacher: I cant take it anymore! *runs out of room screaming*
Student: ohnot!
Other student: That was so funny!
Student: ohnot

Person1: My cat just died, then my brother got kidnapped, not to mention i got all F's on my report card, and then to top it off when i was walking home in the rain, i slipped and broke my arm. I just need some company to help me feel better :(
Person2: ohnot
by TheCookieNinja May 28, 2009
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