Like a goal except more like becoming a floor.
I have a new life ogal.
by ogal November 16, 2013
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I life goal so ridiculous that it seems dumb, but at the same time, it is strangely appealing, such as becoming a floor. Alternatively, this owrd can also be used to describe a progressing event that is so ridiculous or mind boggling that it cannot be described.
"My life ogal is to become a floor."
"I have seen some weird shit on the internet. The place is really just an ogal."
by Morty Mort November 16, 2013
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Your Irritating And You Have A Wack Ass Personality

Like You A Fufu Nigga
-I Really Hate People And I Rather Not Speak To Everyone
- Shut You OGALANT Ass Up
by LilOleLaughALOT August 8, 2014
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An attractive person who is worth checking out or the act of checking out that attractive person Exclamed when attractive person is sighted.
There is Bryan "Ogally Googally" ! Or simply "Ogally Googlly"!!!!
by Loney Tunes May 29, 2017
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