On floor laughing.

Like rofl, except no rolling, just there on floor laughing. :P

Should be said on messenger and texts, but due to this day and age, yes people say it in real life too.
Guy: Whats brown and sticky?
Girl: I dunno.
Guy: A stick
Girl: ofl
by ShellySherlock November 7, 2005
Lol + oof
When you wanna laugh at something but you shouldn't
Person1: I was excited to get her number but I figured out it was her dad's

Person2: ofl
by Resfeber May 9, 2019
The OFL needs to tell Ally Cohen to back off because they do not want to keep her litte rich ass around.

Floater is from the OFL!
by tomato girl November 4, 2004
"Wow have you heard of that OFL Static kid? He owned are whole team by himself!"
by ryandoe11 October 26, 2008