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Used when someone is being silly or intoxicated. For instance, if someone said something that was crazy or just plain stupid you would reply with "your off your chops!"

Then again, this word is mostly used when someone is pissed and are acting like a complete fool.
"your off your chops mate!"
"james is off his chops."
by Brad June 18, 2006
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When one is
a) High
b) Drunk
c) Acting in a manner expected of retarded children or intelligent apes
d) Saying something very unintelligent
1) NO: I think you should ask out that chick
TW: You're Off your chops

JR: Look Terry's trying to jump off that roof
NO: Man, he's Off his chops

BK: Man what has Sunshine had to drink?
NO: I dunno, but he's off his chops
by Nick Ogden November 08, 2005
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