Living in a place where buses, trains, and supply lines don't run. When someone says you're on your own now Jack it's because you really are, even if your name is not really Jack.
Christy-Damn that's a nasty cut on your arm Jack, aren't you gonna go to the doctor and have them take a look at it? Oh yea, what was I thinking there's never been any buses or cabs out here off the grid.
Phil- You never cared that my name is not Jack or that I'm gonna die from this cut soon. You are the doctor god dammit I hope you know what you're doing!
by Solid Mantis August 09, 2017
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paying with cash, making the transaction almost untraceable
Chris always pays for porn with cash, he is living off the grid
by Lazy ass Doug April 01, 2007
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Off the grid is an adjective or adverb, referring to the most extreme level of creativity and originality - sometimes, to a fault. AKA oteegee.

It may describe people, things, trends or actions.

Off the grid can describe current events which may be sinister. It may also describe people who have proven themselves so far superior in their chosen field that no one can compare.

It may also describe creativity or genius that's oftentimes so advanced that those who possess oteegee were often decades before their time.

Sometimes, innovation came so far before the general public was ready to accept it, that the originator actually died penniless, as is the case with many "off the grid" artists, engineers and inventors.

Utter genius beyond conventional comparison.
Leonardo DaVinci proved himself as an off the grid inventor.

Bob Dylan's off the grid musical talent is so powerful it keeps people buying albums long after his voice has failed him.

Michael Jordan and basketball? One word: oteegee, baby.

9-11's off the grid terror brought America to its knees.

by John Coonen August 15, 2007
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