It means that something's just not right. Off balance. It's not all there.
She suddenly started laughing for no reason. She's a bit off kilter..
by ginaginagina January 8, 2007
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slightly un-straight, to be of-kilter is to at an angle, can be used to describe a feeling but was designed to describe the state of such objects as furniture, and other such structures. mainly refered to in as "that's a scoatch off-kilter"
"that's a scoatch off-kilter"

"hey craig... the tent is off-kilter" reply... "justa scoatch"

"man I fucked my t-ruck! she's sitting off-kilter"
by Chris G. January 23, 2004
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the state of being wierd. often the result of staying up extremely late. activities include: watching educational programming, smoking many cigarettes, and having random dance parties.
Tonight has been super off-kilter.
by Graf March 13, 2003
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The definition of this word is in and of itself not "on kilter". I thought I would use symbols like " and "" ... you see.. that is two of them there. Please ask yourself... am I really reading something that someone just types for little to no reason? Then forget you asked that and carry on. Be good. Or. Well, just be good until we talk. Sometime.
For example, I really think I am off kilter after a couple mexican lunches in the can. You know? You better know. I am nean ... sorry I meant to spell "mean"... but I spelled it "nean".. my bad. Anyway. This is a good example.
by David Mother H P. October 13, 2004
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