1.a word for a saggy vagina.

2.it can also be used as anythingyou want it to be...

3. it can be used as a profanity/insult
1. "damn that girl had an OCHER!"

2. "I would like a nice warm ocher!!!"
"yeah, thatd be hella ocher!"

by bekah morto November 25, 2007
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A fat cow who tries to show off her fat bewbs on Twitch.tv. You can find her making Sodapoppins offline chat smell bad.
by Kappa420 March 28, 2014
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Derivative of the phrase "ocheemocheeekolimolidingodingo" which a ghost dog screams in terror, in the book "Scary stories" but can also mean 'loser' and other fun phrases. Basically, if you ever feel the urge to manifest the qualities of a dog within yourself, scream ocherdingos!!!
by Hibbah June 19, 2004
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