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Someone obsessed with another person to the point of stalkerish behavior. They are very much a douche that keeps hanging on. Kinda like balls.
Creepy Brian, married with 2 kids, wouldn't stop stalking Wilma.
Eww... He's an obsessticle.
by Anton Veronika Cloncurry April 14, 2011
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extremely obsessed, infatuated, or intrigued;

used in place of the word "obsessed";

should be used if one is overly excited about something to the point that "obsessed" doesn't describe how they feel
Jenni: Did you see that new episode of How I Met Your Mother?

Olivia: Yeah. I'm obsessticles with NPH!


Jenni: Have you ever tried dinosaur oatmeal?

Olivia: Obviously! I'm obsessticles with it! It reminds me of my childhood.
by oliveantoinette November 03, 2011
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