Southern Carribean form of the practice of voodoo. Originating in the British West Indies.
'im workin' Obeah'
obeh man/woman
by The Ashman March 21, 2005
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Another name for a doctor that practices poor medicine and believes he’s God’s gift to humanity

Smells bad and enjoys interfering with underage girls
This doctor knows nothing he’s such an obeah
by Shawdy is a melody April 02, 2021
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A movement where people outside the traditional Obeah homeland are adopting and promoting the Obeah religion. Most of the new converts are in the United States, but there are many in all the other countries of the developed world. Obeah was introduced to the United States by African Americans but has also been adopted by many people in the white community.
He's in the Obeah movement.
by Judge dredd7 August 01, 2011
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