The pleasure that a liberal-leaning journalist gets when writing a fawning story about U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). An "obasm" is a story so gushy and so fluffy, bereft of objectivity, that one imagines having to clean up after the writer with a mop and bucket.
"Did you see the obasm the local newspaper had on the front page today? They're not even pretending to be objective anymore."
by Lord Zoltar January 23, 2007
N: 1: An excess amount of affection towards Barrack Obama shown through large amounts of thought and spoken conversation, also including the exchange of pictures of the same person. 2: A period of time where a majority of all thoughts and feelings are related to how great Barrack Obama is.
Person 1: Hey everyone, check out this hilarious political picture of Obama and McCain!

Person 2: Hah, that's fantastic! I understand Political Satire!

Person 3: OMG OBAMAS SO HOT *proceeds to send links of Barack Obama in swimming outfits on the beach*

Person 1: Uhh.. What?

Person 2: Here comes another Obasm...


"I was watching the news last night and when Barrack Obama gave his speech, I totally had an Obasm..."
by infernlmagician November 19, 2009