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A wistful, tongue-in-cheek appellation for the extended Obama-cum-Bush US presidental era, in reference to the increasingly painful awareness that Barack Obama is little more than George W. Bush with a natural tan and better telempropter reading skills.
Example 1:

Every single time Obama backtracks on yet another promise made during his campaign of "CHANGE" to support and extend yet another Bush government policy, it becomes clearer that the USA has fallen prey to a carefully concerted "obambush" (which thankfully should only last 12 years, but then again Bush was reelected and Obama became president on a platform of inexperience and BS, so who the fuck knows).

Example 2:

- Obama was going to release the torture records until Cheney told him not to!
- Now will you believe that this whole deal is nothing but a shameless "obambush"?
by IToldYouSoGuy May 16, 2009
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