A written Norwegian alternative to the Danish Bøgmål. Originally created as cure to a Norwegian inferiority complex of lingual nature.
Example of a Nynorsk text:

Kva i helvete er urbandictionary.com for noko tull? Eg likar verka hans Ivar Aasen betre, der kan eg finna ut kva hjåsvæve er for noko.
by jævel December 2, 2011
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A poor attempt at creating a new norwegian written language based on dialects. It was supposed to be a uniting language, but ended up being based almost only on the weird and extremely unpleasant-sounding talk-like noises produced by inbred halfwits from the godforsaken valleys in the inner western part of the country.

The fact that this language is an official language in Norway costs the country millions, but still there are some inbred halfwits who wants to keep it that way.

Despite all this, it must be mentioned that the language is good for something - such as use in poems, other lyrical works and literature.
"Nynorsk i skole og stat er bortkastede penger!"
Utdrag av et dikt på nynorsk:

Og derfor til fjells
vil eg draga som døl,
og kjenningar finna
og gløyma meg sjølv.
by naguz November 22, 2007
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In norway in november its not allowed to have Nynorsk on school.
Teacher: Now we are going to have Nynorsk
Kid: No its No Nynorsk November
by Nicklas sellesbach November 13, 2020
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