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An ubelievably attractive creature that is often found lurking behind dumpsters and attempting to seduce people of all genders. Although known for producing a scent that closely mimicks an indian mans ball sack after a long day on the curry fields, nuxatrons are known for having clean hair- which as we know often attracts lice and other clean surface loving insects. The insects usually build neighbouroods and are fairly quiet and polite, but ofcourse there are the passing thugs that attempt to eat nuxatrons brain. All in all a nuxatron has a kind giving nature but would be better of left in iraq to furnish the presidents house due to general knowledge that nuxatrons have impecible taste. Nuxatrons are easily produced, just have sex with a nuxatron. But they are a hard to kill race and once born they plague the earth by eating farmers crops and causing global warming.
Billy: OMG here comes a nuxatron...should i run away?
Whore Hey: ofcourse, you are it's will impregante you and then you will be disowned by your father...
Whore Hey: ye it just wants ur dads crops...dont let him break your heart like all the other nuxatrons did...
Billy: you're right whore-hey...i havent been the same since the last nuxatron left me...ive only been half the man i use to be
by shnux bomb October 14, 2007
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