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the ultimate word, it can be used in any context.

it can mean awesome, terrific, stellar
it can be sad.
it be used for any other word.
guy 1 yo nurtle whats up

guy 2 not much trying to get my nurtle on

guy 3 get that nurtle outta here
by Shrimp dick dugan October 19, 2010
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Nurtle is a mysterious turtle whom resides on a rock in the middle of a pond. Nurtle, comes out when a blunt is passed around. He is often seen with his head in the air, saying his famous words " Yo what up nurtle". Nurtle can also be used in everyday language. Like the smurfs use "smurf" for everything, nurtle is used the same. He is often seen picking up his socks or telling people to clean his dishes.
What a Nurtle. - Origin, Nick T.
Don't be a Nurtle. - Origin, Liz.
Oh, what up Nurtle. - Origin, Andy H.
What a fucking Nurtle. - Origin, Doogin the Hooligan.
by The Hulk. October 19, 2010
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