Non Scale Victory

a dieting and weight loss term for noticing your weight loss success off the scale.
A NSV is getting rid of clothes because they are too big.

Shopping in the "regular" stores is a nsv.
by makemehappy March 6, 2007
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In the vernacular, a term used to describe various ethnic groups who regularly book snorkeling trips when they can't even swim. Said groups subsequently spend the entire trip sea sick and do not tip at the end of the trip.
NSV (Non Swimming Variety) 1: We should go snorkeling!
NSV (Non Swimming Variety) 2: Dude, we can't even swim!
NSV (Non Swimming Variety) 1: So! We are on vacation, what is the worst thing that can happen!
by Mr. Stu Pididiot February 7, 2013
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