Nozomi is a girl's name, and this girl is very sweet and shy. She has longer hair that can hide her face and is always wearing long hoodies. She is a very good friend to have and although she's a wall flower, she knows everything about everyone in school. Always go to her for advice.
Wait, what? Who's Nozomi...
by Lilyanpad123 January 10, 2017
Fortnite kid how Loves games but Also loves School It kinda Weird but it is ok because He likes Laughing at unfunny Jokes

????:What did I even Say
by YASS BAKA May 28, 2021
Nozomi is a funny and sarcastic girl. She won't ever fail to make u you laugh! She's a great but dramatic friend. She can be lazy and likes shopping sprees but she is loyal and kind! She would offer a helping hand to anyone. She is pretty kind and cute! If you have a nozomi in your life be grateful!
Person A: Falls on the ground
Nozomi: "do you need help?" Reaches out
Person A: falls again
"Oh man I hate nozomi so much"
*Punches* "Don't you dare fucking say that abt her"
by _a.l_y October 16, 2021