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A large riddle that inhabits the internet. People who can't beat it tend to complain about it saying it's gay and pointless. Watch out for people who call it gay, bnecause they usually only have half their brain and cant figure out 2+2.
Don't be fooled by retards, Google up Notp0rn today!
by Asimov June 09, 2005
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1. The most time-wasting piece of shit website ever created. It's some game where you have to go through all these levels by just typing in passwords that don't seem to have anything with the level at all, and the only way you can beat it is by cheating. It tries to be all hidden message, I'm so hard to figure out and I'm so smart, but really, it's just terrible. Apparently you're a genius if you can complete it, or are you just a huge tool? (See tool)
2. My way of saying killing someone
1. Don't go to unless you want to waste your life.

2. Gillian says:
did you get married to the hookers?
doty says:
no i just not pr0nned them
by Doty March 25, 2005
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