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A condition that is used to plainly and openly show to everyone that someone is, in fact, not gay. Often used in movies or TV shows where male protagonists might be considered gay if there wasn't a scene explicitly showing his heterosexuality, thereby providing him with a case of the notgays to ease viewers and let them know that they are not watching a show with a homosexual character.

First popularized by Harry Plinkett of RedLetterMedia in his review of Star Trek (2009).
Viewers might have thought Spock and Kirk are gay for each other, but since J.J. Abrams made Kirk a ladies' man and had Spock be in a weird relationship with Uhura, we all can rest easy knowing they have a case of the notgays.
by Backlace August 05, 2011
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new speak term meaning that they actually are gay if uttered by a politician.
Senator Craig said "I am not gay, I have never been gay" after being busted soliciting gay sex.
by mattmass September 01, 2007
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Declaration; a phrase that is shouted out loud by a straight man when he does something gay.
Brad slapped Ted on the ass in the shower room and then yelled "Not gay!" to prove indefinitely that he was not, in fact, gay.
by Valigarmander August 27, 2007
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Adding (Not Gay) to something, regardless of its content, makes it completely heterosexual.
Guy 1: "My penis is very small and smells of prawns, my friend who I experiment with (NOT GAY) says it makes him feel sick to suck it, but his penis is nice, I like to suck that. I know I can't make my penis bigger, but I want it to stop smelling of prawns, I shower every other day and spend 5minutes with a sponge doing vigorous rubbing untill my end is sore, but no it still smells. help?"

Guy 2: "There goes a man who is completely heterosexual."
by AnonPGT April 26, 2008
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what a guy says after being blown by another guy.
Im not gay just because he sucked my cock and i came. Im not gay, I was sleeping when he sucked my cock and i came.
by stom December 27, 2014
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