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A spontaneous freezing of the effluvium within a persons nose when inhaling in sub arctic temperatures. Frozen mucus within the nasal cavity in when the mercury is reading minus anything.
It was -10 in Chicago's loop and nostricles were forming in my nose as I walked to the El train.
by Jeff DeLong January 15, 2009
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Noun. You place your testicles over someone's nostrils - giving them nostricles.
While JR was asleep, Schwen gave him a teabag, followed by Arabian goggles, and finished with his signature move - nostricles.
by Perv December 19, 2006
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When a woman/man is giving oral sex to a man, and his scrotum, at any point, rests on the nose of said person.
She said it was not the nostricle that choked her up, but, in fact, the smell.
by Ford Adams August 24, 2004
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