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The absence of the ability to use the sense of scent.
"What is that smell? Please tell me I'm not going noseblind and that wasn't here all along!"
by cjds August 13, 2011
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When you get used to a certain smell and can no longer smell it
Susan had gone nose blind to her car
by Emma45 June 07, 2018
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An ailment of the schnoz that can lead to severe nose-not-worky-ness. The cause of noseblindness can be anything from a point-blank skunkblast to a particularly juicy fart.
Dude, that chick's cooch is so nasty I wish I was noseblind so I wouldn't have to smell it!
by Sgt. Waffles September 28, 2010
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noseblind is when a person fancies somebody so much they just want to have sex with them whatever. It doesn't even matter if they they stink. They would completely ignore it just to get there way with them.
I met this smashing girl last week, when we got back to my place I noticed that she had bad breath and her fanny wasn't any better either. I didn't care, i just had to shag her. I'd gone completely noseblind.
by pipesucker March 20, 2018
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