One of the coolest places on earth. Located in the middle of nowhere (aka a peninsula on Cache Lake in Algonquin Park), Camp Northway is a place for canoe trips, tanning, general fun in the sun, and of course, partial nudity (often accompanied by full-on nudity). Founded in 1906, Northway is one of the oldest camps in Canada, and sees generation after generation come back each year.

The term can be used in its traditional sense, or also shortened for a new meaning to simply, Northway (meaning anything related to hard-core tripping, nudity, or awesomeness).
"I'm headed back to Camp Northway, where an 8-day all girls is the only goal, and the floor is made of pine needles!"

"Put your clothes back on, and stop going Northway on us!"

"Wow, she really paddles Northway style."
by Your Standard First Aid December 25, 2008
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A chavy or Skanky place in the midlands.Filled with pregnant teenage girls and everyone is drunk.If you want loud mouth's gobbing off or 10 year olds swearing,Northway's the place to be.
"Hey lets go to Northway and go gypsy spotting".
by asdfghjklemma_ November 5, 2013
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A small estate in Tewkesbury that is filled with druggies , slags , nittys , gobby family’s and old people. This place is NOT the place you want to be so if you end up in northway and it’s not because you are buying weed then you have gone the wrong way. Anyone that lives here develops depression because there lives are so shit and they live in northway. The teenager girls there a either pregnant before 15 , ket addicts , gobby tramps , theifs or dykes. The boys there a absolute nittys and think they are hard. Northway is the place you should avoid!
Boy 1: where you from?
Girl 1: northway

Boy 1: you must be a druggie then

Girl 1: who you calling a druggie mate!?
Boy 1: well you must be a slag then?
Girl 1: I’m not a slag I only shagged 20 lads last night jeez give us a brake!
by Glosratings October 5, 2019
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