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You know you're from North Haven when

-You know at least one person with a jeep or a jetta.

-Every year you treat Dave Matthews Band at the Meadows like it's a religious holiday.

-After a party breaks up you all end up at Wendy's.

-You own at least one item from American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch.

-You've worn adidas sandals when there was snow on the ground or plan to.

-You spent one of your middle school nights, every weekend, at the movie theatre.

-When you walk into a party the first thing you look for is a pong table.

-You claim you're a Beer Pong champion.

-You know at least one guy with a blow out and one girl that needs to take off some make-up.

-You have claimed that our town is gay and that you need friends from other towns.
north haven north haven i lived here here
by guesswhatitis July 24, 2006
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North Haven is a small town located in Connecticut. It has made the national "Top 100 places to live" list. The majority of the citizens are Italian, and some Irish. Most of the Italians believe it is their job to reenact Jersey Shore, a hit TV series on MTV, and they idolize their styling because it is ridiculous. The guys think they are cool because they wear expensive clothes and have blow outs. The girls tend to make themselves look like sluts by doing the 'duck face' and sticking out their ass. Most of these people think they are unique but they really are not. The 'nerds' of North Haven idolize one special teacher in the High School because he teaches the best class offered, Humanities.

Average Annual Precipitation 4.03 inches
That girl looks like a slut....she must be from North Haven.

North Haven offers a great education for those who take learning in a serious manor.
by Philips836801 August 10, 2011
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