Some one who dosn't fit into any other stereotype, they express their induviduality but they don't exagerate and flaunt it, they are just themselves and not an axagerated versoin of themselves. They don't crave attention, they may even avoid attention. It is sometimes hard to determine a normal kid because no two are alike, they are just themselves.
Person 1- I don't know know what group jack would be in, he's not realy emo, goth, skater, nerd or anything of the sort.

Person 2- yeah..Jack's nothing, he's just a normal kid
by Jamal Spelling October 15, 2006
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An endangered species. Kids around the age of 9-13 who own an iPad but don’t have severe autism.
Kid: Hi how was your day today?
Person: Huh? Why are you normal?
Kid: Just because I have an iPad doesn’t mean I’m weird.
Person: Oh ok phew you’re a Normal iPad Kid..
by awsomecolin July 18, 2022
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