when a mainstream game series, in order to try to appeal more to the masses, becomes less about player skill, and more about about catering to the casual/less hardcore player.
Gears of War Judgement, Halo 4, and Battlefield 4 have all gone through some sort of noobification
by ZXE102R October 04, 2013
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The poor design strategy used by Video Game designers in which they fill the game with ridiculously obvious clues and instructions in order to explain to the player what is happening or what must be accomplished in the game. Typically used to aid todays younger audience in gaming.

Batman would just not stop reminding me I had to get to the Bell Tower while I was playing Arkham City. It's too bad that game was noobified.

I hate it when I have to follow a certain person in a game and there is a giant Las Vegas-like sign above them that says "FOLLOW". Noobification strikes again.
by Gohound October 10, 2012
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