a sudden wave of noobs joining your server and making the game suck/lag with their crapness
1337_player: AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! the server is full of NOOOOOOOOOOOBS!!
by Arrow January 10, 2005
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Not as hot as Boobageddon, or as crafty as Screwbageddon, or as creative as Tubageddon. And nowhere near as cool as Scubageddon.
That Noobageddon sure does suck next to Scubageddon
by Shakta October 2, 2004
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To be ambushed by a mass quantity of Noobs in a short amount of time. Usually happens on Forum chat rooms, and for some reason they almost always are from the UK.
The Member Number for the Chat Room jumps from 6 to 21 in a matter of seconds, and you are bombarded with Spamming noobs.
"oh no, its noobageddon! quick, get an admin! >_<"
by JaoOzaki October 11, 2008
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