When some fucktard feels the need to kill with a grenade launcher or bazooka on COD because they were accidents born on the M20 and have no skill
Fag, fuck you, bitch u just noobed me, noob tube
by taylorkid111 March 01, 2012
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A common term used on Halo 3 for when one uses the sniper rifle to remove the shield of an opponent and then switches to a battle rifle or carbine to finish off the kill for an easy head shot.
OMFG this fucking BK keeps using the sniper and br and he continues to Noob Tube my ass.
by FurY DA SnipeR October 25, 2009
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A noob tube is an under barrel grenade launcher such as a M203 for English and American guns or GP-25 for russian and german guns
by Noobers February 09, 2012
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