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Jocular slang term for a eunuch, or in layman's terms, a man with no nads(testicles).
Lucas: "Shit dogg, my ex has been going around school telling everyone the terrible truth about me"
Matt: "What truth?"
Lucas: "That I'm a nonad and that I was born that way." *sigh*
Matt: "Man, you better put the cap on the kitchen cleaner before that bitch kills your P.I. and makes you the school's laughing stock!"

Mark H. Urban Dictionary author since February 2004.
by Mark H May 23, 2005
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Part of the Gonads that no longer exists due to unfortunate circumstances such as freezing cold water, blue balls, or being kicked in the groin.
"I'm Freezing my Nonads Off!"
by trinity-lea September 13, 2005
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