to me a non girlfriend is a girl who i plan to be with but have not been able to ask her to be mine yet, this can be for many reasons ranging to wrong timing or she wont say yes. to me a non girlfriend is someone i spend each second thinking about and am forced to always talk to her first as i miss her company. to me a non girlfriend is someone who respects me and always puts me ahead of others as i will always do for her, to me a non girlfriend is someone like Jessica who i want to be my real girlfriend <3
you were my non-girlfriend, will you be more?
by non-boyfriend March 23, 2017
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1) A girl who you are friends with either to eventually fall in love with or you have been friends for so long you cannot become boyfriend/girlfriend.
2) A girl who is your friend.
I would help you with that, but my non-girlfriend just sent me a text message.
by Mike September 8, 2006
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Its a girl that is virtually a girlfriend in every way shape and form, however the title girlfriend is still lacking.
Paul's moving in with his non girlfriend girlfriend.
by The Jolly One. August 3, 2007
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(png bf/gf) Significant other of no particular significance but to:
A.) Approve/disapprove outfits before heading to clubs to hunt for boys/girls
B.) Give advice on what the opposite sex means by texts/non-verbal physical communications
C.) Be up for dinner or a movie at any given moment in the absence of a "real date"
D.) Have long conversations or short funny ones as long as they are amusing or supportive
E.) Approve/disapprove waxing options
F.) Screen all possible hook-ups and/or bootycalls for applicability.....
1. Good lord can you hang out with anyone besides your pseudo-non-gay boyfriend/girlfriend, jeez!
2. What's up with you and your pseudo-non-gay girlfriend/boyfriend! DUDE, come on! They're totally blockin' tonight!
by acyd_byrn_70_65270 September 4, 2008
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