After midnight of every day. Technically it's the next day, but doesn't the next day really start when you wake up in the morning? Therefore; anything happening between midnight, and before you go to bed doesn't really fall into a proper day's definition, and technically never happened. Particularly useful while partying all night.
We were so shit-faced we nailed a picnic table to the neighbors house at 4am last night. Technically, that never even happened cause it was on noday.
by insert_clever_name_here October 14, 2010
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To speak tirelessly about one's own humdrum life regardless of the topic at hand.
by Richard Mussell October 4, 2006
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To tell someone you will be there in 5 minutes only to wait 2 hours for them to arrive.

To tell someone you are on a street close to where you live when in reality you are 30 minutes from that street.
I totally pulled a Noday on Frank and said I am close.
by BoWet May 5, 2018
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