Made famous in Dirty Dancing when Johnny gets Baby for the final dance. She's sitting in the corner with her parents, who were mad at her.

Now used when proper attention is not given to a situation but the situation turns out OK anyway. Plus, Fall Out Boy revived it's cult status with their song, "Nobody puts baby in the corner."
My ex and I were at the bar at the same time for at least 2 hours and he managed to talk to everyone there but me. Of course, I have a date with the hot bartender and my ex saw me give him my number. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!
by Chicagodiva December 5, 2006
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Meaning, no one is better than you, the world deserves to see you shine, to be heard, loved, see you dance!
Never let anyone hide who you are.
by bangle dame August 13, 2011
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the most romantic thing ever said to a girl in the best chick flick ever. (dirty dancing) this is just before patrick swayze sweeps jennifer grey off her feet and proceeds to show her stuck up father how well she can dance, and finally perform the lift.
johnny: nobody puts baby in a corner.
by break1tdown March 14, 2007
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What Ethan Couch's grossly-overly-indulgent/forgiving/accommodating father snortingly snarled to school officials prior to his absurdly-outrageous offer to buy da entire school just so dat his "little Prince" (i.e., "baby") would be treated (read, "coddled"!) da way he preferred, rather than his being compelled to behave in a rational/responsible/respectful manner towards his fellow students and teachers, or subjected to da standard disciplinary-procedures if he declined to proffer said reasonable demeanor.
If Ethan Couch's father had not whooped his asinine "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" battle-cry during his surly son's formative years while he was in school, maybe both Ethan and his also-shockingly-pandering mom would not have subsequently had to "stand in da corner big time" (i.e., go to prison after committing infinitely-more-serious crimes) sometime down da road!
by QuacksO July 21, 2019
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