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Real definition: 'crude and offensive in a sexual way.'

Definition according to people who watch anime: 'anything remotely sexual.'
'nO leWd aLlOWeD'
by BigLadIzaac December 22, 2020

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"I don't care."
Person 1: "Global warming is a pretty big issue."
Person 2: "NoBoDy CaReS."
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by BigLadIzaac April 13, 2019

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A term used to refer to somebody that is capable of inflicting high amounts of harm and damage upon any unfortunate person that happens to anger them; an absolute weapon; the hard man of the town. These types of people, from whom I advise that you stay at least 500 kilometres away, are incredibly dangerous and can win a fight against even the toughest silverback gorilla.
Josh: "Fuck you."
Harley: "Woah. Lethal specimen."
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by BigLadIzaac March 11, 2019

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What you say when you feel hurt or spited. Often used ironically.
Person 1: "ur mum GAI boi"
Person 2: "my feelings! :("
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by BigLadIzaac April 29, 2019

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acronym for 'good gob' (some people misspell it 'gj' for some reason. they must be pretty dumb!)
dogmanjones: 'i just levelled up!'
worthless: 'gg'
by BigLadIzaac June 04, 2020

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