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Getting nobilified is the process of having oneself captured through a fine hand painted oil portrait as a regal member of the upper class; as a noble, lord, member of the haute-bourgeoie, King, Queen, Prince, Princess. Actually it doesn't matter whether you want to be a king or a clown, nobilified's master artists will craft you a unique masterpiece to hand within the halls of your chateau, cottage, dorm room or private jet. Nobilified brings the masses to the 1%. We wanted to continue the tradition of commission ridiculous portraits.
No need for the Queen to knight you, when you can get yourself nobilified.
Yes yes, that is a portrait of my great uncle. We look very similar he was a member of the haute bourgeoisie in the late 19th century. Just kidding, I got myself nobilified.

Hey Bob, I am going to get Jim nobilified for his wedding.
Sweet painting brah! Did you get it from nobilified?
Did you see those nobilified portraits on the Ellen Degeneres show?
by nobilified January 07, 2015
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