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A masterfully crafted response to the famously deadly "you mom gay" roast.
Believed to be forged by the finest of roasters, possibly even a level 3 sound cloud rapper.

Nobelium & Uranium are both elements. Nobelium's symbol is "No" and Uranium's is "U".
Combined, they make the response "No U".
Not only is "No U" an effective reply to any roast, but in this form it reflects your intelligence and can make their stupidity known, amplifying the affect of the response, ruining their career if used effectively.
12 year old COD gamer: "yo'ure mom gay"
You, blessed with an IQ of 5000: "Nobelium Uranium"
12 year old COD gamer: "Wtf bro"
- *12 year old COD gamer left the game*
by Foxzes February 26, 2018
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The better and smarter version of the ultimate comeback: No u.

When said it makes you sound smarter and also confuses the crap out of the victim, if their IQ is not above 9000.
Person 1: You’re mom is straightn’t
Person 2: No u
Person 1: Yesn’t u
Person 2: No u^2
Person 1: Nobelium Uranium
Person 2: Oof
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by iGood July 27, 2018
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