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To noakes about or to be a noakeser. Is commonly used as a phrase for someone who gets lucky. Especially in regards to sports such as Pool or Snooker.

This term is largely used within the vicinity of British University students when out on social drinking excursions which may include activities revolving around games of Pool. (This term can also be affiliated within the Poker playing circles, when a member does not quite realise the hand he is holding, thus when said player places his hand down on the table, he wins the round and money with ease... Even without a real poker face.

Sheer luck is the common denomination for this particular term. Therefore to noakes, to be a noakeser or to be noakesy is a common attribute to at least one member within the friendship circle.
"That was such a noakes shot"
"Did you see that move, s/he is such a noakeser"
"God, will you stop being so noakesey every time you have a game"
"Jesus he was noakesing about with that hand!"
"Daymnnnnnn, I just got noakesed!"
by unilads1 December 28, 2012
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A guy who has familiar relations with multiple partners, only to the extent of dating. Minimum of eight girls required at one time to constitute a Noakes. The dating of these women forms the famous "Noakes Octagon".
That guy comes in here every night with a different girl, and I never see him get so much as a kiss. What a Noakes!!!
by PRIMETIME21 September 03, 2006
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