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A Japanese phrase tacked onto the end of sentences for emphasis and cute effect. Sometimes appears as "na no da," which has the same meaning. Made popular by the character Chichiri in the anime and manga Fushigi Yûgi, who uses it liberally. It is usually translated as "you know."
Yû Watase is my favorite mangaka, na no da.
by Stephanie M. October 25, 2003
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weed , pot, sigs, joint, somthin u smoke
Dude lets get some noda.
by ? January 30, 2003
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A noda is when a person shits in another person's mouth, while that person shits as well. The overall appearance is that there is one giant shit running through the person's entire body. When the shit is liquidy, it is to be considered a 'Jacob Noda'
Because this act is so hard to accomplish, there has been very few sitings to view as an example.
by Bryan O'Brien December 22, 2004
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