When mans ain't lackin... Ain't bout that lazy life.. Come correct
Yo deshawn... Come correct today, no lackin!
by 4.1.6ix November 12, 2015
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Not having a firearm on you
Ran up on dat nigga, caught him lackin.

I'm never lackin.
by Been Krill August 16, 2014
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when you catch someone slippin or when you sneak sum past em or if someone was talkin to much but you seem him alone somewhere
Aye bruh les go run up on this nigga caught him lackin
by 7uhhhhh January 14, 2019
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When someone who talks a big game (over social media) backs out of a fight because they scared
Trinity: man shut up hoe, you know I’d beat your ass any day

Kelly: aight then I’ll pull up rn

Trinity: nah nah chill I was just playing

Kelly: man your always lackin’ if you can’t handle your fights then zip your lips
by Zeegwan Alberts May 30, 2018
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To not do things whole heartedly. To be lazy or not care for something.
Man, Julian be lackin sometimes. That's why he's single.
by Jben December 6, 2006
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When a guys is looking at a girl but his friends catch him or his girlfriend catches him
I caught my boy lackin today at the mall
by Smalls66 July 17, 2018
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When you are lackin', you are ignoring your homies for thots.
*Joseph makes Arnold go to an event with a lot of thots*
*Arnold is sick doesnt wanna go but still goes to support his homie*
*at the event Joseph ignores Arnold and goes full ongo bongo mode for the girls*

"Damn, this mans really be {lackin'} ," said Arnold
by SeptemberBread June 15, 2019
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