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Characterized by having it all on the surface (good looks, education, money) and yet failing miserably with the opposite sex, likely due to a personality flaw (ex. pretension, misogyny, excessive prissyness).

In some cases a lack of game can be attributed to the projection of a homosexual persona which precludes chatting up the opposite sex for the sake of getting dates.

High levels of "no game" as evidenced by frequent failure to engage the opposite sex in meaningful exchanges which lead to dates often result in the person with lack of game becoming bitterly angry at the world and nitpicking individuals for reasons such as "bitches having boyfriends."
It was clear that Amir had no game when, despite repeated attempts to make conversation with girls, he had not managed to get a single date. He then blamed his lack of success on bitches being fat.
by JudasKiss April 13, 2006
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Available Domains :D

1) Lack of social skills when dealing with the opposite sex.

2) Being JTC.

3) The shock induced whilst watching JTC atttempt to communicte with the opposite sex.
Player1: JTC has NOGAME

Player2: JTC has negative game, he creates a game void around himself in social situations literally reducing the game of other people in the general vicinity.
by Jeebus December 15, 2004
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Looking good but fumbling over your words. Also know as having the hottest girl in the bar stumble over you and you respond with "Uh-Duhhhhh". Example: hot girl in the bar like you and you act like Corky from Life Goes on.
Tony and Joey Harrington have No Game.
by ToneDick January 15, 2006
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n. lacking skill, the moves, etc.
Jason has nogame, and he cannot get the ladies
by Rob March 13, 2003
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not kidding, no jokes, your not messing around
Steve- Bro i just bought a new tshirt

Phil- Like no games bro so did i
by estachink July 06, 2010
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The term 'No Game' is used when a certain person has and never will get any :( this is normally due to there ill-favoured looks (ie theyre ugly)Being immature, childish and just really dumb are common characteristics of a person with no game. How unfortunate
Hello my name is Razanaqvi/yusufchaudhri/azhargayfoor/Timmy and unfortunately I have No Game :( and never will :( boohoo
by wryip December 11, 2010
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