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The sound one makes by clicking if something or someone annoys you. its purely for sms twitter and facebook alerts.
nkt, (shaking head) i cant believe he didn't wear a condom
by kenyan254 October 11, 2009
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Never knew that
"Hey Josh did you know News stands for notable event weather and sports"
"Cool dude, NKT"
by Nadia238 June 14, 2017
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No Knickers Tuesday/Thursday.
A term used to refer to the twice-weekly practice of not wearing underwear for work. This behaviour, largely specific to female employees, is becoming somewhat of a custom at Benton Park View.
"Hey, I've just followed that woman up the stairs and I'm sure I saw her beef curtains!"

"Yeah, it's NKT"
by Hobbit Lover November 10, 2011
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