someone that suffers from dandruff
oi oi ya focken pit-nit
by Mr.Hatato February 18, 2021
shiz-nit is a way to avoid saying a swearword when your mad
1. shiz-nit i just stubed my toe
2. shiz-nit i just died in a video
by iluminati_gaming January 6, 2016
A Smarmier Major Nits, often shortened to "Smarmy" is a classically tall dark and handsome man with incredibly beautiful siblings.
He attracts the attention of only the most beautiful of women.
He names pets very unusual names and is tight fisted when giving gifts.
If you are lucky enough to receive a gift from a Smarmier Major Nits it will PROBABLY be a form of cutlary... excluding a knife.
Smarmier Major Nits are highly educated and are usefull when a dictionary or thesaurus are not at hand.
They can often be found socialising with ninja's and model like creatures.
They have been seen to drive unmarked vans and often smell of sweets whilst sporting dark clothes and a balaklava on the weekends after indulging in copious amounts of alcohol.
They often don't turn up to when invited to places, spend their time treasure hunting in peoples ears, being drawn on whilst they "rest" singing "i shot the sheriff" whilst largely intoxicated and doing the "eyebrow dance" off the cadburys advert.

All in all the Smarmier Major Nits is an unusual creature which should be monitored
woah, that dude freaks me out, he's a proper Smarmier Major Nits,

I need to sit down, I've just had a Smarmier Major Nits moment!
by Ninja An Zen November 23, 2011
When you shove your dick in her a as forcefully when she doesn't want it but then she realizes after a few seconds she definetly wants it.
Nit ducking: Having a her tide up in bed and trying to get it in her ass as she try to say no through her ball gag but you put it in any way then after fighting for a few seconds she starts to really enjoy it, then the next day she's begging for more and she won't leave you alone until you give her more.
by You like? January 16, 2018
One of the many definitions of Mruktiktokofficial.

Short for Nitty.
Have you seen Mruktiktokofficial dancing in the street? What a right nit nit.

Thinks he's number 1 trending in the UK soon to be the world, what a nit nit.
by PiggieSmallls May 29, 2022